Nairobi National Park

Find the best of the Kenya safari packages involving Masai Mara safari Kenya which will take you to the best locations in Kenya. Masai Mara tour is probably the best Kenya travel package. Read more about the Masai Mara national reserve | Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking | Uganda gorilla safaris

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Wildlife Safari

WILDLIFE IN THE PARK: Animals easily seen in the park are Maasai giraffe, eland, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, impala, African buffalo, waterbuck, baboon, warthog and rock hyrax. Zebra and gnu can be seen during the migration period (August-September). The park, known for its rhino sanctuary, is also the natural habitat of the black rhinoceros and it is almost sure that you’ll spot a black rhinoceros in his own habitat. Leopard, lion and cheetah are hard to spot. Among the birds, we quote mainly the ostrich, eagles, vultures, secretary bird and plenty of water birds

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